Aquimax Water Based Primer

Water Based Primer

Aquimax Primer has all the qualities you’d expect from a water based primer paint. It’s fast drying, anti-corrosive and suitable for all kinds of steel and sheet metal surfaces, whether they’re decorative or structural.

Non-hazardous and safe to use, Aquimax water based primer paint is available in several colours –
Grey, Black, Red, Green and others on request.

To order Aquimax Primer, call us today on 01302 856666, email or use our online form.

You can also order directly from our Ultrimax Store by clicking on the link below.

Features & Benefits

  • Based on high solids acrylic emulsion and zinc phosphate anticorrosion pigments.
  • Once applied will touch dry in 12 minutes and hard dry in 24 hours.
  • Use of ambient air flow across coated article will significantly reduce drying times

Alternatively speak to one of our specialists for technical advice on 01302 856666

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