Flormax – Heavy Duty Floor Paint

heavy duty floor paint

Flormax is a heavy duty floor paint that’s quick drying and perfect for industrial applications.

It’s easily applied to most floor surfaces including concrete, timber and steel. If there’s one area that’s going to take a lot of abrasion, it’s underfoot.

Ideal for the engineering and manufacturing industry, Flormax is provides excellent floor surface coverage for warehouses, factories, garages and showrooms.

Thanks to its new resin-technology formula, Floormax industrial floor paint provides impressive adhesion, coverage and protection. On top of that, Flormax is highly durable and possesses industry leading anti-slip properties.

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Features & Benefits

  • A single pack floor paint that requires no mixing. Available in a range of colours including – Red, Grey, Green & Yellow
  • Surface dry in less than an hour leaving a semi gloss finish - resistant to both chemicals and oil.
  • Anti Skid additive available for a finish that's extra textured and tough.

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