Ultrimax 2 – 2K Acrylic Paint

2 pack acrylic paint

Ultrimax 2 is a topcoat 2 pack acrylic paint. Designed to be used over a two pack epoxy primer, it provides a gloss finish with good colour retention. Just like Ultrimax 1, it’s extremely tough, offering excellent durability and resistance to both water and chemicals.

With its high performing and excellent chemical resistance properties, Ultrimax 2 pack acrylic paint is the perfect topcoat solution for surfaces that are challenged by harsh environments. This makes our 2k acrylic paint ideal for steel shipping containers and marine applications.

For easy application and high productivity, our 2k acrylic paint can be applied using a conventional spray gun, brush or roller. Once applied, the coating will be touch dry within 2 hours and hard dry within 12 hours.

It’s recommended that Ultrimax 2 stored under cover at a temperature no higher than 32°C. Make sure the surface is wiped clean and dry before application. Apply over Ultriprime 2 pack epoxy primer for a high performance and glossy finish.

Like most of our premium paint and coatings, our 2 pack acrylic paint is available in a range of standard and bright colours. Alternatively we can match to a specific sample using our advanced colour matching technology.

To order Ultrimax 2, call us today on 01302 856666, email sales@ultrimaxcoatings.co.uk or use our online form.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply and with an excellent coverage ratio.
  • Apply with spray (or brush and roller for smaller areas) for a 12-hour hard dry.
  • Contains a high volume of solids. Mix two parts paint with part hardener (and thinner, if required).

Alternatively speak to one of our specialists for technical advice on 01302 856666

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